Workflow Engine

Mechsoft workflow engine is pluggable software component and can be used with any enterprise software solution. Every organization has to follow processes and steps in processes to achieve business goals. Workflow engine greatly helps in streamlining Organization processes to great extent and make everybody whether system or human in process responsible, trackable and get process completed in timely manner.

  • Supports unlimited processes and requests in each process
  • Supports multiple workflow (multiple steps in each workflow) for single request based on different parameters such as grade, designation, country, location etc…
  • Multiple options for action taker selection such as employee, group of employees, system, organization hierarchy and employee hierarchy
  • Workflow engine allows real time addition or editing of processes, steps and action takers
  • Parameter based escalation on every steps
  • Allows email based approval/rejection on each process steps
  • Real time action taker change for in workflow requests in case action taker is unavailable
  • Future action taker change using Delegation for particular period
  • Request Tracker report to check status of all requests

Case Study:

Ladders HRMS

Human resource management system is heavily based on processes and timely execution of every step in process e.g. Leave, Loan, Appraisal, full & final settlement etc… In past we were to face challenges in implementation of request flows as they are complex and are based on multiple parameters e.g. Leave Request flow for different designation varies so if staff is applying for leave it may have more reviewers and approvers than general manager applying for leave. These same cases applies for all requests and some requests are having more complex steps and approval processes based on country or location.

All these things are managed by Mechsoft Workflow engine and now implementation take very less time compare to past. Workflow engine comes with user interface, so it becomes very easy for clients to configure their own processes and steps and keep changing them as required.