Smart Solution Case Study

Here are some samples of how Mechsoft gives smart solutions/unique ideas to solve problems, to generate business, to save costs and many more.

Case Study: Bahamas Government- Property management solution

The problem was - There are many Europeans/Americans who buy properties in an Island country as second homes. Many of them rent them for holidays, without registering them as commercial property and the state loses revenues.

Solutions Suggested/How the project came to us: First of all since we have a lot of products done, one of which was property/society management, and some screens could be demonstrated.

The main clincher was the solutions- Most property owners rent the property via some listing websites like we have OLX, or via yellow pages etc. We said, we will parse hundreds of popular sites, collect the property information, and check the address in our commercial property database - if not there, then the inspection department can act. (This is already implemented)

Another sure shot solution was- Give us immigration data connectivity and power/water usage data access, and if a person has not entered Bahamas, but has consistent usage over weekends, that's a suspect property!

We added these concepts to some of our ready screens and created a POC demo, and got the project.

Case Study: Telecom Billing- Rule Engine

A major Telecom operator. All Telcos come up with various billing plans, to attract customers/to make them use more services. The marketing department can get very creative with a billing plan (e.g. I call you for 5 mins, you get 1 min to call me, or Each additional minute I talk the rate is 0.9 times prev minute etc.) Not all plans can be accommodated in existing billing software. Sometimes they took 3-6 months to customize test and deploy the software. Then needed something that would enable idea to reality much faster. They were considering some Rule Engine/ready solutions which required them to re-code their applications in Java (original was in C) and costed tens of millions $. (More than the cost, transition to new system is the bigger problem many times, losing time, money, stress.)

Our Solution: We suggested that we will use our own Rule Engine... with simple Plan Definition Language (To define billing plans). Our Rule Engine sat on top of their existing code, and was capable of writing the most complex rules ... had our own compiler and interpreter for the Rule script. Though their code was in C, our Rule Engine made the application in to Object Oriented, where they could inherit plans, define abstract plans etc! (This engine can sit on top of any existing enterprise solution, in any technology and make it flexible. Change the logic and the application changes behaviour real time! More details on the application in Products section)

Result: Successfully using the system with our Rule Engine since many years.

Case Study: Carpet Exports- Distribution

One of the leading Carpet (Also called Rugs in the west) exporter - Exporting via wholesalers, who would take the lot, rebrand it and sell it. Desire was to sell own brand. But the problem was why would someone in say New York, stock the lot in his shop? What if stock is not sold? Selling online does not really work well, since people prefer to get a 'feel' of the carpet.

Our solution: Solution was to do online business but without cutting out retailers. They sell dealership/make partners with people across the globe. These shops basically buy an album of carpet swatches (Small rectangular pieces) which people can check. We sell the carpets online ... So say someone in Boston checks the carpet online, likes design, change colours online to suite his needs, and after finalizing - visits nearest partner shop where he checks the feel/actual colors, again customize it right there as per his liking and place order! The production starts ... There are many from different cities in US placing such orders. Once the production reaches a basic threshold, the whole lot is shipped to a distributor, who then takes care of posting individual carpets to buyers from one place.

Case Study: Hompath

Actually Hompath is a software product for homeopathic doctors, but including it in solutions since this is not 'our' product and was done for a client. The software takes symptoms and reads them through hundreds of books, to suggest remedies.

Initially this was being done with databases and had serious limitations. We developed our own Search engine (1995! those days google etc ready engines were not available) and the Search engine algorithm and indexing was all done by us. The engine was capable of understanding lexical search (e.g. x and y, but not z in same para etc.) Also it would understand that headache at dawn time is same as Pain + Morning ... I added this example just to showcase the extent to which our tech strength can be stretched.