Salesforce ISV model:

  • Apex coding
  • Visualforce UI
  • Data model
  • Workflows-Visualflows-ProcessBuilder
  • Test Coverage
  • Lightning
  • AppExchange package creation
  • Managed-Unmanaged packages
  • Deployments–Ant-ChangeSets-Sandboxes
  • Git for source control
  • Agile sprint development methodology, TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • CRM life cycle management
  • Case management
  • Sites and communities
  • Wave analytics
  • Einstein
  • Product Implementation–salesforce as a cloud with APIs and tools to build products


Built rule based event management product in healthcare domain

Points and Rewards/ fund raising Product for Non profit

Integrations (with Oracle, SAP, and websites and various other Products/ Databases) REST, SOAP, OData

Domains: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial

– Salesforce is not ONLY CRM

Vast experience in building products on Salesforce Cloud

Case Study: Implementation for Manufacturing Unit