Rescue Operation

Rescue Operation


Rescue From Bad Software Infrastructure


  • You have implemented multiple software solutions which are not working smoothly with each other or you have to take multiple steps to make them work
  • You have invested a lot in software, and now you find you may need to dump it as it is 10% short of your needs
  • You have deadlines and due to the incompetent software system working at your end, it looks like an impossible Task
  • You don’t have time to replace the legacy software systems, as your business can not wait till that time

All above software infrastructure problems shares analogy of real life e.g. To run body Heart, lungs, kidneys etc need to work perfectly or Just like in a tower your Power supply, Lift, Fire control, Security, Safe design all need to work well.

In case you are facing above or similar kind of problems from current software infrastructure then you need to be rescued from this infrastructure! That too without having to reinvest in the whole infrastructure then Call Mechsoft.

Mechsoft has created a service just to handle these situations. Mechsoft's Software Rescue Operation! We have all the ingredients to handle this situation as below,

Tools and Skills for Software Rescue Operation

  1. Software tools: We have an intelligent Rule based wrapper (Mechsoft Rule Engine) that can work on top of any enterprise application/ applications, without affecting existing systems and making it more intelligent. This tool can be used for swiftly integrating your pieces of information, pieces of systems.
  2. Communication Management Tool: This is based on our product EICMS (Enterprise Information and Communication Management System) which will again facilitate smooth communication between applications and entities.
  3. Reporting: Mechsoft Intellireports will allow you to pick up data from raw files, databases, different applications, and generate reports very easily.
  4. Software commandos: We have a special team of specially trained software engineers, who can work on various technologies and are capable of working round the clock under emergency.