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Mechsoft specializes in Project/Product Consultancy. Whether it is Web Site, Web Application, Web Based Product or Mobile Application Mechsoft takes pride in doing each of the these as unique experience.

Mechsoft offers Business consultancy to make the project most effective for business. Some cases we offer business guarantee!! (To understand business guarantee please click here ). Mechsoft takes pains to understand your business, philosophy, ambitions and aspirations, and works hard towards putting the same in your project .

Here are some case studies on guided business consultancy and application development,

Case I: A custom designer tailor, catering to international clients:
Scenario: This client had a tailoring shop, and would cater to walk in customers, take measurements, and build shirts/suits as per the design requirements. Also the tailor would travel worldwide, and take measurements for the clients, pick up the order, and ship finished goods after making it.

What we created: We created a complete tailoring website, with lot of information on tailoring, fashion and designer wear, also explaining how custom tailoring would do justice to your personality. We created a complete custom tailoring experience for the site visitors, which includes selection of catalog/fabric, designing your product with real time view of desired design (based on selected fabric), taking measurements, and payment, ordering and order tracking. You can take a demo of this unique experience by clicking on

To view the demo do the following ...

  1. Click on Shirts
  2. When you want to design shirt ... first step is selecting fabrics. Fabrics are classified in various catalogs ... on the left you have catalogs, named by nature of design/fabric quality ... e.g. checks/stripes/plain etc. Depending on the net speed you may have to wait for a few seconds for catalog to load. Browse through a catalog ... select some fabric by double clicking and pressing select. You can select multiple fabrics from different catalogs. (for demo you could select some plain, some stripes and some checks)
  3. Click continue to move to designer ... the shirt configurator ... For user friendliness ... we have taken this part as a walkthrough, so the user is prompted for selections ... starting with select fabric, Select shirt styles (you can browse these by pressing up and down arrow pictures), Select collar style, Pocket style, cuff style and then optionally select monogram. (You can skip or, you can click on 'Monograms', then enter initials, press submit, select position for monogram, select text/font style and submit.
  4. You are done! First shirt is designed ... and you can now click submit to go ahead, or add more shirts or edit existing design.
  5. Recommended, viewing edit, where you can play (now not in walk through mode, but free mode, where you can change any attribute any time) ... change fabrics etc.
  6. If you use edit, then you need to finish editing by pressing 'done' button. Click on 'submit' to move ahead ...
  7. You will need to now login (or register if you are not an user already) to continue to ordering. Use login name 'guest' and password 'guest'
  8. If you have already registered and given your measurements, these will be available, else you can enter all your measurements. This is again guided ... as you enter one of the measurements, and press ok, you are prompted for next, with picture of how to measure.
  9. Once you submit and confirm measurements, you came to checkout screen. Here you can go ahead to check out or, you could just add to wishlist, for use in future. You can have multiple wish lists stored, so you can view them and convert them to order later.
  10. Checkout functionality is not working in this demo, as this will take to payment gateway and do actual transactions.

Case II : Carpet exporter
Scenario: This particular leading carpets (rugs) exporter was selling to wholesalers only, and rebranding the carpets as the wholesalers names. Difficulty in selling via retailers (which his own brand) was, how would he manage delivery/how would the retailer be comfortable in stocking large number of designs, and how would he return some designs if they were not popular?

What we did: Here doing just a website would not have sufficed. We had to find solutions for many problems, like logistics, cost optimization for shipping etc. Here is what we created ...

  1. A website having inventory of all designs.
  2. Ability to select size and shape, and ability to change colors (fill colors) of the designs.
  3. Registration for retailers, at a small price, for which they would get a catalog of actual carpet material samples (so people can feel the texture)
  4. People could select/customize their designs, and add to wish list ... visit nearest retailer (if needed), and proceed by paying advance to the retailer.
  5. Once the order is thus confirmed, this would update that area's wholesaler's data, and as the wholesaler would have much larger order as combined orders, this would be shipped to wholesaler, followed by distribution from wholesaler.

So we did, design, and supply chain management for this business...