Product Development



Mechsoft has done projects successfully for clients from various parts of world. A big chunk of this work has been Product Development, and Mechsoft can say that we have experience and expertise in product development. Many of these products, we have been involved right from product planning to marketing strategy, and we know what it takes to make a successful product. After building successful products for clients, Mechsoft has built their own products, which along with business promotion services, makes Mechsoft, the most ideal development partner for Products development.

Some of the product development/success areas are ...

Hompath: A homeopathic expert system. This product is sold in more than 50 countries.

Travel Engine: Mechsoft has developed a complete travel technology and booking engine, which is capable of powering any travel shop's website, and offers simultaneous connectivity with multiple sources for best deals.

nVest: Personal portfolio management software. In 1998-99 this was rated among the best products by IT magazines.

Rule Engine: This is Mechsoft's own product, having use in all domains and solutions, with its object oriented ability to integrate with any application and making it more intelligent. We have implementations of these in major Telecom billing, Information flow management and ERP .

Ladders: This is a small to mid size ERP from Mechsoft.