The Complete Service Management Solution

Ladders Service- An end-to-end Service Management application

It’s a web based program which automates and smoothly handles the complete end-to-end process of service management in any organization. It automates the service request workflows and acts as a backbone for all the service support processes besides minimizing the process and human errors.

Ladders Service ensures quality service output at lowest possible cost in a timely fashion with optimum utilization of resources to their full capacity. Spare parts management, inventory and stock maintenance, delivery and forwarding management, and real-time supply management - all this and other related issues in the process can be better managed. Another avenue of this offering is real-time and automated dealer-distributor/vendor relationship and transaction management. Our solution offers you a platform to integrate your countrywide or worldwide operation on a single robust platform. The tool/application aims to reduce hassles and delays for customers, while enabling vendors/dealerships to differentiate themselves from the competition through improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and profitability.

It’s apt for industries like all professional services such as Engineering, Mobile and Telecommunications, Automobile and Auto Ancillaries, Computer Hardware and Networking, Electrical and Electronics, Healthcare, Medical Equipment & Consumables, all consumer services etc.

Key Features

Automated Job Assignments/Allocations

Automating this process based on skill sets, priority & availability directly attributes to increased productivity, more efficient use of resources, better quality, improved accuracy, shorter workweeks for labor, less variability in output, resulting in greater control and consistency of work done.

Time Accounting

Ladder Services gives you an insight into accurate visibility of time spent at each stage of service request’s life cycle. These time limits can be set based on product lines, skill sets & roles which in turn enhance the delivery capabilities of a team. Monitoring time-lines improve productivity, efficiency, profitability, and customer service. It easily creates Time sheets for employees and sub-contractors.

Vendor Self Service Management

It saves organization time and money by giving vendors the tools they need to manage their own inquiries and information. It eliminates manual work, drives greater operational efficiency, facilitates the move to paperless transactions, enables quick error resolution, enhances invoice visibility and improves two-way communication e.g. for warranty qualification, spare check, replacement etc.

Knowledge Base & Training

Due to the systems internet-based design it acts as an easily accessible, documented referral and training database of best practices & solutions to common problems for geographically dispersed personnel, customers and employees by maintaining round the clock availability. It reduces the cost of service and support workload without sacrificing quality service and has the capability to scale with demand thereby saving time and money for the organization.

Generate Quotation & Follow ups

Ladders Service helps the support team in generating standardized Quotations instantly for their customer via email as a part of forecasting sales and reflecting current pricing or cost of service & repair on one end and on the other; it’s automating the cycle of follow up/reminder process of Quotation for the support team which attempts its conversion to a closed deal within pre-defined timelines.

Billing Integration

Ladders Service is capable of easily creating invoices to bill your customers upon full or partial completion of jobs for immediate payments which enables sales and service agents to retrieve, display, track and update outstanding and paid invoices, billing and account information when handling customer calls/queries. This results in faster processing of customer inquiries, product quotes, and service orders and the sharing of consistent, current information across the organization.

Contracts & AMC Management

With the ability to upload, apply and instantly access contract templates, implement automatic contract renewals, and build structured workflow processes companies can maximize and streamline their contract processing to improve revenues and productivity.

SLA/Warranty Management

Ladders Service enables you to manage work orders for In-warranty and Out-of-warranty calls for claim processing, and accuracy of claim settlement as per compliance by defining the speed of work, priorities and timelines thereby improving service quality, streamlining operations by slashing service and operational costs, increasing revenue and cost-effectively realizing improved compliance of regulations and service management methodologies.

Real Time Performance Management

Ladders Service unique capabilities ensure that current status updates, estimated fix times, and any errors/flaws are immediately visible and the impact of it on the schedule/process is known. With personalized, multi-dimensional views, easy-to-assess dashboards and proactive alerts, one gets the insight it needs to increase competitiveness, profitability and mitigate business risks.

Email/SMS Alerts

The benefits of Emails/SMS centers around convenience, speed, flexibility, and seamless integration of messaging services and data access for getting and responding to urgent information quickly/instantly besides being up to date on its status.


Ladders Service enables you to easily view driving directions to service locations with a link to Google Maps, if required. No additional mapping software is needed to be purchased and integrated thereby saving time and additional expenditure for your organization.

Role based Escalations & Dispositions

It describes how the program defines, identifies, tracks and manages jobs/issues and action items that are generated throughout the program life cycle based on severity and criticality. The module also tracks the descriptions & reasons of escalation, for validation, resolution & future analysis.

Inventory Integration

Our application gives the support team a seamless integration with the in-stock & out of stock information leading to an effective & faster stock handling, resolution, improved quality service without duplication of work, thereby saving time with controlled costs and budgets.

Report Analysis

Ladders Service enables real-time graphical representation of reports & data to measure performance thereby giving a complete factual visibility to Management for deciding & developing smarter strategies for increased efficiency and reduced service desk work load. It contains findings, analyses of findings, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations at times with various search parameters at queue level, branch level, call type level and many more.

Quality Assurance

It encompasses a series of planned steps necessary to provide businesses with confirmation of expected quality from their products/services the very first time while generating considerable savings in cost and time. It reiterates client expectations, minimizes risk and loss of time due to re-work or ineffective practices, & provides better communication structure with increased accuracy & reliability of product.

Multi-Site Support & Department Control

It manages all your business units and their process from a central location. Each unit at various sites can function as a separate organization with their own rules, thus consolidating the activities and managing your clients/units from a single help desk as per the defined SLA’s.


  • One Stop 360 degree view of overall Service Operations
  • Helps in Performance measurement and for doing SLA, TAT & Gap Analysis
  • Controls the TAT of Service Centers and Engineers
  • Maximize Engineer’s Productivity
  • Minimizes Erroneous Service Claims
  • Real-time Tracking & Control of Service / Repair Logistics
  • Reduced Repeat Calls and Increased FCR’s
  • Delivering Value in terms of Cost, Customer Relationships and Reputation
  • Real-time Monitoring of Calls and Inventory Consumption
  • End-to-End Part & Service Claim Management
  • Graphical & Pivot Reports in user friendly formats
  • Real-time dispatch, job closeout, and reporting
  • Prioritize & adjust technician scheduling, escalate priority and enter orders
  • Easily view and print driving directions to service locations with a link to Google Maps
  • Improvise funds flow by timely auto-generation of Invoices to monitor billing and matching them with actual Payment and Receipts.
  • Enable web-based customers to log service requests, check repair status, and monitor returns
  • Enforce tracking of parts and labor usage, expenses incurred, travel, fees, charges, and concessions/discounts
  • Manage field inventory including parts, tools, equipment and stock
  • Upload attachments to each Job such as spreadsheets, pictures/photos and contracts
  • Easily create time sheets for employees and sub-contractors
  • Simple and Easy to use Interface

Case Study 1: Client – EMITAC, UAE

Key Challenges

  • Lack of a central source of information from and of customers, service centers, engineers, stock etc as it was stored in multiple locations which made reporting virtually impossible
  • Since there was no automated requests registration, part of requests were lost or not addressed in time
  • The calls were not distributed or assigned to engineer/personnel, which led to a non-effective use of resources
  • Lack of a central platform/single POC led to calls being registered in multiple databases which meant that no analytical data was being collected
  • There were no clear TAT and SLA’s defined especially in regards to customer communication
  • Management had no view of staff workload or how much time they spent on certain customers
  • All the above led to reduced customer satisfaction levels and overworked personnel, since they were “fire-fighting” the majority of the time
  • Due to a lack of reporting, it was difficult to communicate what costs were associated with ongoing contracts

Key Strategy

  • The main goal was to improve service delivery/SLA and customer satisfaction by increasing operational effectiveness
  • To enable automation of all processes and cost savings
  • Establish an automated Service Desk to minimize process & human errors, re-work/duplication of work
  • Define and re-engineer existing business and IT processes


Mechsoft customized Ladders Service, a web-based real-time service management & vendor support system for the client to keep track of call logs, repairs, job completions and customer accounts. The application includes modules like spare parts management, inventory and stock maintenance, claims processing, part returns, and warranty analytics.

Key Results

  • Improved Customer Service and Productivity while reducing costs
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Incident Resolution Time/TAT
  • Increased FCR’s and Quality stats
  • Improved Teamwork and Internal Communication
  • Elimination of Duplication and Re-work of jobs
  • Improved Visibility and Control on stock and assets
  • Cost Transparency for customers and business unit
  • Improved Efficiency through effective planning & Resource management
  • Defined business processes /SLA’s and improved quality of service provision
  • Tailored and Real-time updates in reporting system to support effective decision-making
  • Fully functional and integrated web interface and Knowledge Management database with search capabilities
  • Time and Cost savings to support IT infrastructure

Case Study 2: Automobile Industry

Key Challenges

  • Employees have to manually navigate the system when a customer calls in. This can add as much as five minutes to each customer interaction.
  • Limited visibility into what was going on in the shop/office in case of situations when one cannot be physically present at the location.
  • As the office/shop lacks integrated access to systems, mechanics often have to leave the vehicle and go to a terminal to look up information; sometimes they have to make multiple trips back and forth. This extra effort costs them valuable time that they could use to generate more profit for the business.
  • Due to lack of automated requests registration, part of requests are lost or not addressed in time
  • The calls are not distributed or assigned to mechanics/personnel, which leads to a non-effective use of resources
  • Management has no view of staff workload or how much time they spent on certain customers
  • All the above factors contribute to reduced customer satisfaction levels and overworked personnel
  • Due to a lack of reporting, it is difficult to communicate what costs are associated with ongoing contracts


Mechsoft’s Ladders Service, a web-based real-time service management & vendor/dealer support system helps an organization to keep track of call logs, repair works, job completions service history and customer accounts. The application includes modules like raw material & spare parts management, inventory and stock maintenance, jobs processing, part returns, and warranty analytics.

Business Results

  • Consolidated view of critical data that includes service history, past recommendations, and scheduled maintenance
  • The system even provides a web map of the customer’s location, which is helpful for either giving directions or going to the customer
  • This capability means no more flipping between windows, and it means that more can be accomplished on a single call
  • Being able to inform customers, when they call us, about past recommendations or scheduled maintenance that they have missed really builds customer trust, shows that we are on top of things, and makes more money for the company
  • Automated & integrated networking throughout the shop helps in speeding up auto repairs
  • Email/SMS facility allows accessing vendor and part lists, customer information, and even the next day’s schedule from home or anywhere else whilst you are on the move
  • The schedule and reminder facility reduces missed appointments while the past recommendation helps increase work order sizes

Top 10 Reasons to choose Mechsoft’s Ladders Service

  1. Close more service calls with increased OCR/FCR rates
  2. Improve your inventory and parts management
  3. Provide superior customer service
  4. See instant profitability analysis & reporting
  5. Quick, efficient scheduling of service/technician’s job
  6. Automate and streamline job tasks and reduce errors
  7. Automate repetitive tasks and reduce paperwork
  8. Quicker Invoicing & billing for all services & parts
  9. Real-time tracking & control of services
  10. Our dedicated & expert support for technical & consulting services

Top 10 Reasons to choose Mechsoft’s Ladders Service

  1. Customer Call Log raised
  2. Call Log Verified at front/service desk
  3. Call Log Assigned as per severity and criticality & Problem is Diagnosed simultaneously
  4. Quotation generation for customer approval
  5. Engineer starts Resolving issue/repair work as per complexity and stages
  6. Quality Check done
  7. Product delivered to the customer
  8. Invoice generated as per service provided
  9. Call/Job closed