Problem - No Single Source of Truth...

...inefficient, expensive, vulnerable

Blockchain solution - A shared, replicated, permissioned ledger

...with consensus, provenance, immutability and finality


  • Expertise in developing smart contracts using solidity on Ethereum.
  • Expertise in Hyperledger Fabric
  • IPFS - Interplanetory File System
  • Host ethereum private blockchain.

Work done in the following areas:

ERC721 Non Fungible token (NFT) on ethereum

Audit trail using Ethereum


Other blockchain cloud solutions like:

  • CRAXEL tobe aws for blockchain
  • Blockmedex
  • Google cloud for blockchain

Further examples by (selected) industry


  • Trade Finance
  • Cross currency payments
  • Mortgages

Public Sector

  • Asset Registration
  • Citizen Identity
  • Medical records
  • Medicine supply chain


  • Supply chain
  • Loyalty programs
  • Information sharing (supplier – retailer)


  • Claims processing
  • Risk provenance
  • Asset usage history
  • Claims file


  • Supply chain
  • Product parts
  • Maintenance tracking

Patterns for customer adoption

High Value Market

  • Transfer of high value financial assets
  • Between many participants in a market
  • Regulatory timeframes

Asset Exchange

  • Sharing of assets (voting, dividend notification)
  • Assets are information, not financial
  • Provenance & finality are key

Consortium Shared Ledger

  • Created by a small set of participants
  • Share key reference data
  • Consolidated, consistent real-time view

Compliance Ledger

  • Real-time view of compliance, audit & risk data
  • Provenance, immutability & finality are key
  • Transparent access to auditor & regulator