about us

Mechsoft has a clear belief that, Information Technology, is meant to add intellect, transparency and integrity, to any aspect of life, whether business, education or governance.

We know Information Technology cannot be an isolated service, and has to integrate with the process/flow/business of any domain. Unless the whole business intellect is not available to the Information team, it is impossible to create true value. Information Technology is not mere conversion of writing to books or writing to database. Our solutions need to add value to business, add discipline to processes, and give options for free expansion and imagination.

To make digital automation a success, sometimes Mechsoft has got involved in the business in partner mode, so there is transparency, serious contribution.

|| Vision ||

To take Information Technology close to Human Intellect. Adding Intellect,
Transparency & Integrity to any aspect of life … Business, Education or Governance!

दुरितांचे तिमिर जावो । विश्व स्वधर्म सूर्यें पाहो । जो जे वांच्छिल तो तें लाहो । प्राणिजात ॥

May the darkness of ignorant disappear| May the universe see the Sun of Self-consciousness|
May whatsoever aspirations be fulfilled – Of all living beings!

|| Mission ||

To enable our clients/customers to achieve Business efficiency Helping them to

  • Increase Control

  • Reduce Costs, and leakages

  • Increase Profitability

To reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase ROI (Return of Investment) for our Customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction with Quality Deliverables.

Leading the way

Our Team

Mechsoft as an object is a class of Values, Ethics and Exceptional solution abilities. All the team members are derived from this class. Mechsoft has a simple principle for the team: The more you think this is your company, the more it becomes yours! … With this principle, we encourage team to become part of the organization, and are happy to part with the stake accordingly.

Team is selected after a lot of meticulous filtering process, where IQ, Problem solving capacity, fighting spirit etc are checked, along with the technical knowledge! We are also adding to the team of directors/advisors people of great skills/experience from various parts of the world for expansion plan.

Mr. Parag Shah

Founder & CEO

IIT Bombay Graduate with 25+ years of experience in Innovation, Product building and Finding solutions.

Parag heads the organization, with his Vision of creating Digital intelligence close to human intellect, and has designed various unique product concepts, like Rule Engine, Emotion management in Education etc.

Mr. Ashish Lathi


Ashish has 12 years of strong experience in Technology, Designing, Project management and troubleshooting, Moved from a strong developer to tech lead position and a director in Mechsoft.

Mr. Lokesh Tayal

Lokesh has 20+ years of experience in software field, he is IIT Roorkee graduate and post graduate from NITIE Mumbai. He has quit his job as Director of Oracle Asia Pacific and now will be handling Mechsoft Singapore operation. He has vast experience in various product domains, and marketing. Lokesh is also running a company Learning Analytics, which is coming up with an innovative math product www.math2shine.com